Thursday, August 25, 2011

Off to France on Sunday

I decided to start this blog in the hope that I can do a little writing while we're in France. Free wi-fi is everywhere so if I'm organised I should be able to make notes about where we've been and what we did, maybe also upload a few photos.

Of course, it may be that I'm too busy eating and drinking wine to care, in which case this will be a sad, neglected blog.

We fly out on Sunday. Today, practice packing has been the main activity, analysing our clothing and trying to work out if we're taking too much. The biggest problem is that we need cycling clothes for our Loire tour but they may not be useful later on. So that's taking up a bit of space in the bags. I'm hoping to double up here and there. Also keeping in mind the idea that you pack once and then cull.

We're flying on Cathay Pacific. I've heard dire things about the comfort of their shell seats. Will report back on whether they really are as crippling as people say.