Monday, September 19, 2011

Down Day 18th Sept 2011

18th Sept 2011

Today has been a bit of a down day, insomuch as nothing got done, except the washing and the retrieval of our credit card from a complete stranger.

We started the day with a gorgeous breakfast at the Manoir, prepared by the lovely Oufaa. At E14 it was expensive but we were happy to pay and it was fairly sumptuous. Oufaa even made us scrambled eggs which is rare for France. Plus amazing cheese and ham, prunes, croissants, home-made jams and bread, home-made biscuits and good juice and yoghurt.

We took our time leaving, even though the cleaning lady thought she might come in and check out Luke in his undies. She should have seen him singing into the shower last night, Mr Warrglebarrrgle.

We headed for the caravan park, 10km away, although naturally we got lost and headed for Sarlat, took a while to work things out. Finally we got to Soleil Plage. Checking in very early (at 12.30 rather than 5pm) was no problem, the host is lovely and speaks English fluently, along with 3 other languages.

The shiny interior
Snazzy cabin
Settled into our new shiny cabin, I sent Luke on his way and set out to do the washing. I have to say, this load of washing could well be the most closely nursed load of washing in the history of the universe. At E5 a pop for the washer and the same for the dryer, I decided I would air-dry the load. A tricky proposition on a day like today which has been alternately raining, cold and sunny and windy. I hung out and took in the washing about four times today and watched it like it was a soap opera. Possibly more interesting.

Meanwhile, Luke went to Cahors and had the trip from hell, though it was only supposed to take an hour. He almost ran out of petrol, ran out of money and - it being Sunday - everything was closed. He had a chocolate bar for lunch, hypermiled on the freeway until he found a petrol station and overshot the mark a fair bit as well. Took 45 minutes for Mrs Baboulene to bring the credit card but he finally got hold of it and headed back. No chance of supermarket shopping for our cabin stay, all closed. Naturally. It wouldn't be open today.

He got back at about 6pm. We bought some emergency bacon from the reception and made simple bacon tomato pasta for dinner, plus some nice rose I bought from the office.

Tomorrow we'll get back to tourism, in much cleaner clothes.

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