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The Flasher 15 Sept 2011

15 Sept 2011

Well. I just sat down at the picnic table near the caravan park office in Vers to write a little when I noticed a bloke walking around the other side of the office, peering through the glass door at me. Then I realised he'd got his tackle out of his pants to wave it at me. First reaction, roll my eyes, turn away, feel a little bit fearful. Then I decided to loudly tell him to go away, I didn't need to see it. He walked off so I made the pinkie gesture at him as he left. I feel rather perturbed by this, even though it's just funny, really. I should have shouted louder, drawn attention to him. This is Vers, the same place where the black guy thought he'd call out to me a couple of days ago... I was feeling relatively safe in France but obviously there's wankers - literally - everywhere.

Today we're back in Vers, currently waiting for the Batou Marine bloke to get here and fix the step in the boat. The wooden step that leads down into the cabin split in half when Luke stepped on it this morning, revealing rusty nails and a lot of splinters. He's lucky he didn't get hurt. It's pretty dangerous as it is and the Batou people need the send the boat out again on Saturday so here we are.
The broken step. Nice rusty nails.
 We also were hoping for a shower. Alas, showers are only available between 9-10am and 5-6pm. Like most things in France, if we want something, it's closed. I've just ridden up into the town in the hope of buying washing powder or sunlight soap. It's 3.30pm. Nope. Nothing open. Wait until 4, if you're lucky.

This morning was very cold, the first really cold morning we've had, at least on the boat. I was worried we'd actually have to turn the heater on but sleeping in til 9.30 did the trick. It took a couple of trips up the the St Gery supermarket to buy milk and stuff, plus postage stamps, before we set off. This time, we caught a boat going downstream and thus had easy help in the first lock. We did the second one alone but it was fine. Luke did some driving today and I had the pleasure of sitting on the front of the boat as we went along. In full sunlight in the middle of the day. Fantastic.

It's midday. I'm in the sun. And I'm not melting or anything.
So, not much to report today, except for my flasher. This afternoon will be fairly lazy I suspect. I'm considering secretly plugging the laptop into the power points to recharge the battery.

Wait, the Batou Marine bloke just drove up.

Notes from the 16th:

- 15th - step fixed, everything still closed, we went for a bike ride around Vers, decided to ride up the hill to see the vestiges of the roman aqueduct. VERY vestigal, very big hill. Went to the next corner to see what the sign said. It was a >>> sign for the corner.
View from the Vers hill, our boat is moored in the distance
The very vestigal remains of a Roman aqueduct. But what have the Romans ever done for us?
- Showers still not open. Rode along the caravan park, sat on a park bench near a very pretty bend in the river, Luke picked figs off the tree and ate them.
Figgen good
- Church bells rang 6pm, rode back, the lady finally there and showers open. She told us we'd better hurry up as she'd be off again in half an hour. WTF.

- Finally showered (unisex bathroom... no flashers, thankfully) we decided to get the hell out of Vers and took advantage of an open lock. Moored downstream at a green mooring. Very pretty spot again. Pasta for dinner.

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