Monday, September 19, 2011

On the Boat - 10th Sept 2011

10 Sept 11 Cahors Notes

- Lazy morning at the hotel, have to check out at 11am, not 12. Jeez. Bathroom leaks and all. Nice brekky, made off with some jam.

- Went over to the old town and visited the markets. Lots of vegies, meat, fish and charcuiterie available, also a lovely spice stand. Wanted to buy stuff but we were intimidated by not knowing the numbers and no checkout till to read. I bought croissants and garlic, Luke an old world tomato.
Saturday morning markets near the church
- Old church was interesting enough inside, grand paintings of someone having their head cut off. Luke got frustrated with it.

- There was a bloke busking by playing complicated classical music on a battered, tiny, portable piano. The people sipping coffee nearby listened but didn't seem to pay so we gave him a couple of coins. He was really good.

Piano busker
- Off to the E.Leclerc for our big supermarket shop. we needed more than the 2 hours I'd planned for. Couldn't find lentils, stock... all sorts of things took ages to find. The vegie section was really very small. Bought fresh beans for 10cents. All the food is amazingly cheap. Huge Brie cheeses for E2!

- Frustrated buying wine. The French need to adapt their AOC naming traditions to help out people who just want to buy one sort of wine. Plenty of Cahors black wine... but what if I feel like white? Especially since the day was really hot, 33 degrees. Opted for a cheap semillion, last minute. Couldn't find any kir flavouring.

- Rushed off to pick up the boat, sweating. Lady just asked for the voucher, pretty much handed it over without much fuss. Her brother gave a few lessons in steering and took us through the first lock. A bit scary but we did it.

- Our boat is blue, the "Petite Sirene", no upgrades for us, just a Triton 860, minimal bedding provided but the bunks are comfy enough. smells a bit, people have had dogs in it.
Luke enjoying the first of many beers
- Off we went upstream, did 2 more locks, the 2nd one was automatic, the 3rd one we were helped by Swiss people.

- Stopped for the night at a green dock sign, no-one else there. Discovered why - Oak trees drop acorns loudly on the roof. Decided to stay in spite of it.
Swimming in my crocs. I love this photo.
- Went for a swim, what a relief. Too bad if it's pooey, very refreshing. Luke drank heaps of Affligate beer. Vegies for dinner.
Swimming off the edge of the boat

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