Monday, September 19, 2011

Second Doctor Visit in St Gery 12 Sept 2011

Waiting at a lock

Today has been a bit of an unexpected one. Luke woke up coughing and feeling sick again and soon decided he wanted to see a doctor. So that became today's job.

 After another leisurely breakfast I set off for a shower and was hurried along by the Vers caravan park lady who was closing the facilities in 5 minutes. And never mind the "no smoking" signs, she was going to wait inside for me and smoke while I washed my hair. Bloody caravan parks, same silly rules no matter where you go. No toilet seats either. I'm certain that if I pay for facilities, I shouldn't have to balance precariously on a cold porcelain rim.
Inside the boat
We set off again, trailing behind two larger boats and therefore queuing for the locks. First one was easy enough, second one was huge. In between was more magnificent scenery, towering cliffs with hollows and caves, swallows swooping down to the water, little fish being chased by bigger fish. The leaves are just starting to turn but the hills are mostly still green. The day started off cool and overcast but soon turned into a sunny, hot one, 30 degrees or so.
Heading up the river
We have decided our boat should be called the "Petite Bruiser" due to the ongoing injuries we're both sustaining in the process. We've both got an impressive selection of bruises at exactly the same height on our thighs, right where the posts around the edge of the boat are. I''ve also kicked my toes three times on the table leg/feet (the last time almost breaking the camera as well as my toe). Luke has brained himself on the low bulkheads a couple of times as well (adding to the egg he got at Langeais, bashing into the charming attic window. Charming window it was, too.)

Pulled into the St Gery dock with the aim of going to the boulangerie and supermarket. Both closed. Monday. Lunchtime. But of course.

We also set about finding a doctor. Thankfully a lady at the Medical-Social office spoke english and made an appointment for Luke - at 8pm. We then realised the pharmacie would be closed by then. Cue the search to either get an earlier appointment of obtain the antibiotics without a doctor.

The Pharmacie people were really helpful, the good-looking English speaking lady there knows someone from Brisbane. She did her best to help us out, rang Dr Marc back in Touraine but he wasn't there and the receptionist said Luke should just see the doctor anyway. They solved the issue of being closed by pointing out the night bell.

We went for a ride up a farm lane for 1km, found the bridge and also the local camping area. The river was too low there to moor properly which was a shame as we would have liked to have moved there. Rode back.

By then Luke was getting feverish so I sent him off to bed, had lunch and then did a bit of reading. Unfortunately when we pulled in we didn't park under the overhanging willow tree, figuring we'd be off soon enough. Alas, the spot was soon taken by a large boat with happy drinking French people and we regretted it for the rest of the day. We had no shade and the sun was really hot. I went off to sit under trees and read my kindle, also rode the bike into town and bought bread. Lots more boats pulled up and moored, including English, Spanish and Americans. We laughed at the English people getting apples off the tree with their poop stick. I love that in France you can just pick fruit off trees, it all just grows everywhere. In Australia you don't dare do anything like that.

Made minestrone for tea, despite the heat. Very nice. Finally went up to the doctor's surgery. No receptionist (which is strange, it baffled us when we tried to make an earlier appointment). Waited a while.

Outside I saw a car that had a BIC loco on it. As in BIC the biro pen. We laughed at the idea of how clicky the locks would be. Also, if it didn't work you'd have to push it around in circles until it started. Then you'd drive off and always know where you'd been.

There are lots of Renault cars here with a "Picasso" logo on them. We've been giggling at the idea of a Picasso car, with only 3 wheels, all on one side, the driving wheel on the roof, 2 dimensional and confusing.

Also laughed at the ad in a women's magazine for perfume - skinny model tips 3 litre perfume bottle up on herself. Nice.

Our doctor was young, groovily bearded and didn't speak a word of English. My carefully prepared bit of writing helped get us through and we did very well for ourselves. Poor guy working so late and his last patients are two confused tourists gesturing and jabbering wildly. Weirdly, we paid him direct with cash and he did all the money handling himself.

And then we set off on our bikes back to the boat. Cycling in little French villages is fun.

Luke now has 5 different types of drugs to take. Here's hoping it works and we can get back on track with our boating. I'd planned to visit Grotte de Peche Merle tomorrow but instead we'll get to St Cirq Lapopie and see the cave on the way back. I need to ring and book too. It's a 10km bike ride to the cave and our bikes are only very simple so I hope there's no hills. Better that Luke has a day to recover before we do this.

Need to do more exercise. My belly seems to be huge at present, always full of food. So much for being thin in September.

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