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Heading Up The Lot To Vers - 11 Sept 2011

11 Sept 2011

Slept very badly due to worrying all night: are we tied on securely, what if we drift off? What if people come and undo the ropes? What if I drown in this little cabin. BANG! goes an acorn. What's that diesel smell? Is the gas off?

I'm an excellent driver
 Aside from that, our mooring was quite nice. After a leisurely breakfast we set off again up the Lot. Cliffs on the banks were getting increasingly steep and more majestic. Failed at trying to throw Luke his crocs and had to retrieve it from the lock with the poop stick. Stopped to try and find a boulangerie at ------, no luck, just an old car display and a bloke singing "songs sacre" in the church - including Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. The second time I've heard it sung religiously but it's really about sex.

River heron
Second town gave us a  better result, Luke rode to the bakery while I washed my t-shirt. We moored for lunch, our first French lunch of the holiday - bread, pate, cheese, cider, sausage. My salami is joined like Siamese saucisson!

Nap time.

Finally set off around 5pm, got another couple of locks done, the first with the help of English people. The second one didn't go so well, it was only little but I failed twice at throwing up the rope. Second time a complete disaster as I bashed my elbow really hard on the steel frame at the back, funny bone. Hurt so much I nearly passed out. Luke had to pretty much get us through by himself because I was swearing and crying. Bruise wasn't even that big.
The painful lock
Stopped for the night at Vers. It was a bit dodgy when we first pulled in, there were 3 blokes drinking cask wine on the picnic table near the river and abusing people who went by. Thankfully someone had allready called the Gendarmerie who stepped in and had a word. Our drunk friends were soon on their way.

Luke got into conversation with Derek, one of the English people in the helpful boat. I decided to explore, wandered into town. Passed young people packing up their market display, playing very loud French rap music. It doesn't matter what the language, rap is still horrible.

Was spoken to by a black guy who made me feel rather threatened, so I hurried on my way.

Further up the hill was better, there was a "tea dance" - a man singing jolly songs and playing an accordian while people danced and sang along. I should have stopped and had a wine. Vers is very pretty, lots of dramatic cliffs and old bridges. The stream in the middle is crystal clear and tinged blue, you can watch the fish swim in it from high on the bridge.

We were moored at the local caravan park, paid E2 for a shower. Drank too much wine and ate pasta for tea, another 5 boats with us. Very congenial and pleasant.

It may have been "that anniversary" but we didn't give it a second thought. Rather nice, to be honest.

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